I have named my website “Beginnings/Cada día un nuevo día” to encourage you, the readers, to live each day in the moment.  Live giving thanks to your creator and everyone around you.

Wake up everyday visualizing yourself as God’s greatest creation. Where you are at the moment is another step towards your dream.  Instruments such as the guitar and the piano can only create beautiful music when they are tuned properly by an expert.  The experiences of the day are the experts that can tune and refine you so you can express your greatness.

Arrive at work each day with a passion.  The passion may vanish when you think of all the negative people at work; but you, like the eagle, have the power to fly above the storm.

As you finish each day and you watch the sunset, let it be a reminder that the discomfort, the sorrow, the pain, and the disagreement of the day have ended.

Before you go to sleep revisit the day.  Pray for forgiveness if you feel you have not been kind to others, and thank your creator for being alive, for health, for wealth (no matter what the level), and for love.

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