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The month of August begins.  I go for a walk.  The sun shines.  It gives me its vital life force and it reminds me of how beautiful life is.  I feel the breeze and I realize nature’s perfection.  Nature is getting ready for autumn.  The changes are present in the clouds, the light of the sun and the trees.

I am so happy to be living this moment!  I have just retired and I want to move to Florida.  I am rushing all things, but everything takes time.  Upon comparing the changes in my life with the changes from summer into autumn, I realize I should not rush things.  Life’s changes must be done gradually.  Eventually all things will be as beautiful and perfect as the colors of autumn.  All will be as bright as the prism of a perfectly cut diamond.

Every change makes us more interesting, inspire us to learn more, and make us see our full potential.  Let us be like the chicken [BOOK: The Chicken and the Eagle] that overcame the fear of cracking the egg’s shell and faced the new world.  He realized if he stayed inside he would stink.  The chicken decided to become a majestic rooster, king of his territory and herald in the new day.

I invite you to come out of that shell where you have been hiding all of these years and reclaim your new life.